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The Walled Gardens
A second major exhibition of WEG members’ work on the theme of “Worcestershire’s Wildflower Meadows” was held in a dedicated indoor gallery at The Walled Gardens, Croome Court, near High Green, Worcester throughout August and much of September. The work showed the diverse abilities of the members, making this exhibition a stunning display of skill.

Their work embraced many different techniques and use of mixed media, for example, felting, fabric dyeing, embellishing and printing, coupled with machine embroidery and hand stitching. They chose an assortment of subjects which made this an interesting medley of bees and insects, wildflowers, grasses and everything associated with English meadows.

Royal Three Counties Show
In June, WEG members held an exhibition in the Bee and Honey tent at Malvern’s Royal Three Counties Show. Entitled “Bee Inspired”, the exhibition had a theme relating to Worcestershire wildflower meadows and insects. Members created beautiful, individual pieces of work, many of which were for sale, together with cards and small items such as brooches, books and bags.

‘Thank you’ letters from the Royal Three Counties Show.

100 Hearts War Stories
The national Embroiderers’ Guild (in association with SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity (Wiltshire)) asked members if they would like to take part in a project to mark the end of the First World War in 1918, by creating a special heart. It could be designed to commemorate the life of a family member, a significant moment in time, objects of war, an act of bravery etc. The EG asked that it be made as an object of beauty, honour, courage, remembrance, truth or passion. Many ideas for inspiration were suggested e.g. uniforms, war diaries, the work of war poets and artists, photographs, songs, embroidered postcards, animals used in the war.

Kits of the appropriate size and colour were sent out to participants together with other important information such as a template, stitch and stuffing notes, design ideas and hanging options.

A special invitation was sent to one of our members, asking her if she would create a campaign medal for the exhibition. It could be a copy of an actual First World War medal or be made up but the colours had to be chosen from specially created swatches sent by HQ. Any technique could be chosen as could hand or machine stitching.

Exhibitions at major venues throughout the UK are planned, with one hundred hearts being displayed in each. The EG also intend to create a Pinterest on-line exhibition and show some of the hearts on their website.

Thanks go to the small number of Worcester EG members who are taking part in this project.

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