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Gargoyles, Ghosts and Gravestones
with Annette Emms
on 06 February 2018

Annette Emms delighted us with her tales of Gargoyles, Ghosts and Gravestones. Specifically she talked about her main love, or obsession, churches, which are her main inspiration for a lot of her work. She visits local parish churches such as Bredon, where the medieval chancel steps and medieval tiles have provided a source of inspiration. Further afield she uses a series of books called the Kings England by Arthur Mee to search out and visit other churches or her church crawling as she calls it.

She finds a great variety of things in our many old churches, locally and further afield that inspire her such as architecture, treasures, legends, history, even wildlife in the church yard. She told us her specific inspiration behind some of her lovely embellished books created with dyed scrim, stitch and other materials.  One particularly was the legend of St. Melangell, an Irish princess, who travelled to Wales to become a hermit.  Annette sought out this pilgrim’s church to St. Melangell in a remote valley in Wales and created her story, including her protection a hare from hunters in her book.

There were many churches that Annette cited such as Kilpeck in Herefordshire and St. Just in Roseland, Cornwall that she has visited and found something as a source for a wall-hanging or book. On display were her embellished books, wall-hangings, some of her angels and her 3D dog.


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