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Art, Architecture and Stitch
with Wendy Dolan
on 04 September 2018

Through her photographs of buildings, Wendy shared her inspiration for her themed work on architecture. She likes to explore the periods of architecture such as the Gothic period and different architects such as Gaudi by looking at the many styles of features such as windows, doorways, chimneys and arches. She uses these to provide interesting shapes for her pieces. She looks at the detail of capitals or tiles and finds patterns she can use. She advocates observing, looking and recording. Weathering, crumbling facades, faded glory, peeling paint are textures she may try to recreate in her work through the addition of a piece of lace, horticultural fleece which melts, crumpled tissue, tearing background material or the addition of some expanda print or even screen print paint.

She usually starts this work with plain material such as calico of varying weights and thicknesses, and tears it into smaller pieces to gain those frayed edges, overlaps it and stitches it to the background.  Then using paint, she colours it and the variety of material takes up the colour in different ways.  Taking elements of a building, she creates her design by resizing these elements and overlapping them. The design is stitched in a contrasting but strong colour. Finally, she adds some detail in using lace or small pieces of organza to suggest tiles of decoration.

It was an excellent talk, showing us clearly the steps from inspiration to creating her work.


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