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Celebrity Workshop: Layering Landscape with Print and Transparency. Open to the Public – Please Contact Us
with Sarah Burgess
on 03 October 2018

The day started promptly with a warm welcome from Sarah and the reassurance that the process she was about to share would lead to ‘results that are open to interpretation by the audience and should trigger their imagination’ – how exciting!

Sarah thoroughly explained Part 1 of her landscape preparation – the lino printing process. She used acrylic paint mixed with a textile medium to slow drying down, essential when printing on absorbent papers such as newsprint or tissue. She introduced us to Tissue Text – sometimes known as Lens Tissue and its important property of translucency. She demonstrated how to transfer line and shape on to the different papers we were printing with, using tools such as a tip of a biro or our finger tips and had soon created pattern textured backgrounds. She started with only 2 colours, black and brown and introduced a 3rd and 4th colour a little later.

Eagerly we set off and the room was hushed as we concentrated on producing a huge amount of printed newsprint, cotton fabric, tracing paper, tissue paper – crumpled and flat, organza and Tissue Text. We were encouraged to try materials we had brought, so some printed on baby wipes, fleece and other treasures from home.

As the backgrounds were drying, Part 2 was explained: how to construct a layered landscape by tearing, cutting and placement – according to scale, colour, tone and material and how to enhance this with hand or machine stitching.

Sarah circulated throughout to ensure we felt supported and confident and we were encouraged by the work of rest of the group and shared ideas.

At the end of the session it was clear that many of us were inspired and eager to finish off with stitch work at home. We had all produced really interesting and diverse backgrounds – a springboard for our creativity.

Quotes from the group include:
‘Preconceived ideas have been shot to pieces.’ ‘I’ve had a lovely time filling in my sketch book.’ ‘I came with ideas but ended up with something dynamically different – ready for development.’ ‘This was something I’ve not tried before and I really enjoyed it.’ ‘I have enjoyed the unexpectedness of the results.’ ‘The freedom!’

Clearly, a hugely successful workshop and 15 satisfied customers who enjoyed clear explanation and demonstration and no pressure to conform.


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