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Sponsoring a Student 2017 Winner Update

Katie, the winner of WEG’s third annual Support a Student grant, has sent a report about the journey she is undertaking on her Textile and Design course at Leeds University. She wrote that she has chosen to specialise in knitwear.

Her current project is focussed on women’s knitwear and she is creating small knitwear tops for her development pieces; these are leading her on to making two large garments. The work is very different to what she did at sixth form college and she is enjoying it immensely! The photographs show some of the pieces she has made, created on a domestic and on a shima machine.


Worcester Cathedral’s Christmas Tree Festival 2018

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This year’s festival, organised by the cathedral, was held in the medieval cloisters from 8th December 2018 to 3rd January 2019. WEG’s Christmas tree was decorated with a large Father Christmas and lots of Christmas stockings. These were made from red felt and embellished with bright, shiny sparkles to catch the light and the children’s imagination!

All donations were to be used to support the cathedral and its work.

Thanks go to the branch members for their contributions and to Jan, Sue and Pat for decorating the tree so beautifully.

Project to Recreate Two Civil War Standards at the Commandery Museum, Worcester

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In February 2017, the Worcester Embroiderers’ Guild was approached by Kerry W., a member of staff at the Commandery, to see if anyone in our branch would help to reproduce two standards from the opposing sides in the Civil War, as exhibits for the museum.

The original cavalry standards are housed in St. Mary’s Church, Bromsberrow, in the Mortuary Chapel. They are in a fragile state and have had some conservation work carried out on them by the Royal School of Needlework. The Royalist standard is of white silk and bears the words “Religio Protestantium, Leges Angliae, Libertates Parliamentorum”. The Parliament standard is of red flowered silk, with a painting showing an arm in armour, thrust from a cloud and a hand holding a sword. On the flag are the words “Ora et Pugna” and “Juvit et Juvabit Jehovah”.

Following a visit to St. Mary’s, a small number of members agreed to take part in the project. However, it was realised that the work would not really involve embroidery as such, but other skills such as dyeing and stencilling. Experimentation to ensure that the new flags were as close to the originals as possible meant that the project took much longer than anticipated; it was finally completed in August 2018.

An article was written about the processes that were involved in the creation of the flags. Click here if you would like to read this.

The flags can be viewed in their final position at the Commandery Museum from November 2018.


Worcester Cathedral’s Christmas Tree Festival 2017

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In the months leading up to Christmas, WEG members busied themselves making gingerbread men and women to hang on their Christmas Tree in this year’s event organised by the Daisychain Benevolent Fund Trust. The remit was that only red and white could be used to decorate the figures. The photographs show the ingenuity of some of our members, together with the tree in situ. The theme proved to be very popular, although one little boy was very upset when he was told that he couldn’t take a gingerbread man away with him!

Many thanks to the branch members for making such a wonderful range of gingerbread people and also to Jan and Sue for decorating the tree.

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