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Jan Beaney (Joint EG President) giving our 2015 Celebrity LectureJean Littlejohn (Joint EG President) giving our 2015 Celebrity LectureLaunch of our WEG website - Mark (website designer) and Jane (branch chair)Sian Martin giving our 2016 Celebrity LectureAn entry (by JD) in the 2014 Three Choirs Festival Exhibition, ‘Surface, Space and Time, featuring the decade 1910-1920’An image of Capability Brown (by BSJ) for the 2016 Exhibition at Croome ParkRemembrance of Summer Days (by VG2) for the 2016 Exhibition, ‘One Time, One Place’, held in the Weavers GalleryJulia, winner of the 2016 Mary Page Trophy competition, ‘One Time, One Place’The winning entry (by Sue P.) in the 2016 Meadows’ Trophy competition, ‘A Fashion Item Embellished by You’Embroidered Shield (by Carol) for the 2016 ‘Game of Thrones’ Embroidery

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