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Jiggle, Rub and Roll
with Sylvia Thistle and Felt Group
on 05 March 2019

A lovely display of every type of felt art plus practical items greeted the members with hats, scarves, bags, pods and pots, hangings and sculptures. Two tables were set up for demonstrations of needle felt and basic felting. Shirley was wearing a complete skirt and jacket ensemble in purple felt decorated with flowers.

Sylvia felt she was still a learner as the possibilities of felt were only limited by your imagination. She explained how the wool fibres used grasp hold of different types of material such as scrim and silk. She explained how a resist such as plastic was used between layers of felt to create a space so that bags could be created. She also explained Nuno (a Japanese term) felting where fibres migrate through a fabric.

After jiggling, rubbing and rolling with Sylvia, Barbara took up the talk to explain how she jiggled and rubbed but didn’t roll to create sculptural wall hangings representing a rock pool and lichen shapes. She used many different things such as marbles, corks and string, as resists to create different shapes. Felt remembers the shape it is made into.

Sian carried on explaining how she has been trying to develop her own felt art work by looking for a method that produces a subtle gradation of colour so the colours do not look flat. She likes to add texture and embellishes and enriches her work. She had used needle felting from the back of the work to pull fibres back to change the strength of colour on the front. She had created wall hangings depicting the lonely crofts of Scotland.

Sylvia invited members to a workshop on basic felting on 9th April.


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