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Bostini Bug Brooches
with Kathleen Murphy
on 04 April 2018

Kathleen was welcomed to the workshop and, with her bubbly greeting to us all, she set us up for a wonderful day. She explained where she got the inspiration from for her bug brooch – a bug which was in a forest near her workshop. She said they were friendly bugs and loved to listen to the others, particularly their love stories and everyday chatter. We then had a laptop show explaining where she gets her inspiration for the designs on the bugs’ wings etc. They were wonderful pictures showing the lovely, bright colours of various bugs.

We started making the wings first using her template to draw around. We then tacked the wire around the wing shape. Next, we had fun hand stitching the wings using colourful threads.

The body was cut out and then stitched, the back and front were joined together, the antennae fixed in place and then we stuffed the body. The wings were then assembled onto the body and a brooch pin was stitched to the back

The entire day was superb, very relaxing and such a joy just to sit with like-minded people doing hand stitching. Kathleen was a terrific tutor, very helpful and very giving of her stash! I would recommend anyone to do this workshop, very relaxing and lots of laughter going around the room.


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