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Leaf Mould!
with Sheila Davies
on 02 May 2018

Sheila Davies proved to be an inspirational tutor, especially for those members who like to experiment and learn new techniques.

During the course of the workshop she introduced the group to 4 techniques, some of which may have been familiar whilst others may have been new.

Her method of applying colour to fabric was very interesting and set the scene for encouraging a playful approach to the day.

The applying of dissolvable paper to a wooden block to create a mould which could later be incorporated into a piece of work was obviously new to some members. The resulting moulds were exciting and had much potential for development.

The free machine embroidery on organza took up most of the time and resulted in some spectacular surfaces, especially when the organza was burnt back!!

During the final stages, Sheila introduced machine embroidery on metal shim; again this had great potential which members may develop at a later stage.

It was a hectic day, spent in the company of a tutor who gave individual attention to all members and encouraged self-development.


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